Have you signed up for our Lunchtime Enlightenment?

For over a year (until recently) I have shared a daily, then weekly, mindfulness exercise on the Quiet Mind Meditation Facebook page. Then I added an email for those who asked for that option.  And recently I have been reviewing and refreshing all our offerings and logo’s and colours for our beautiful new website home.

So (drumroll) the new Lunchtime Enlightenment series – is starting again this week.

Each Wednesday (Melbourne, Australia time) I will send out a short and sweet, but powerful, mindfulness exercise .. designed to motive and inspire you to take a few moments (or minutes) during your lunch break to cultivate presence, connection and awareness!

Life is busy. We are all busy. But taking just a few moments to PAUSE and BREATHE can be empowering and life changing (maybe even, enlightening)

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