We are on the cusp of Winter here in the southern hemisphere.

A new season means that I have a host of new content and offerings .. to inspire and nourish your meditation practice.

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Seasonal Living eBook

Seasonal Living eBook: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn .. a carefully curated and lovingly produced 30+pg eBook – FREE.

OUT TOMORROW 1st JUNE including Seasonally inspired:

*Guided Meditation
*Qigong from Nicole Lee Qigong
*Yoga from Yoga for Travellers
*Daily Tips for the Season
*Ayurvedic Wisdom
*Mindfulness Practice
*Dates to celebrate
*Seasonal Moon cycles
*Essential Oils to diffuse

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The Seasonal Lounge is an online program that moves through a Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar .. drawing from the energetic elements and unique ‘flavour’ of nature’s seasons. Each month has a unique monthly theme to inspire and guide our meditation practices, mindfulness exercises and sacred rituals.


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Monday Meditation Musing is a weekly meditation newsletter (that goes out each Monday!) .. sharing a practice, technique, tip or insight for your meditative nourishment and motivation. You can read some of our Most Popular Musings in this POST HERE.


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