This coming weekend .. I will be filling my cup with meditation!

I am attending the weekend-long Australian Meditation Conference being held in Melbourne with the theme Meditation and Society. Presented by the Meditation Association of Australia the conference:

“provides a platform for collaborative dialogue between a wide range of speakers interested in the philosophies and applications of meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, and reflection”.

In weekend is going to provide a smorgasbord of delight .. and I have highlighted a back-to-back program of curious and interesting presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and masterclasses. In fact, my plate is pretty full from 8.00am to 6.00pm both days .. and yet I note I also have some ‘plan B’ options .. if I get to squeeze them in as well.

Today I have been preparing. I have my trusty notebook, my highlighted program, researched notes on presenters and subject matter, iPad and charger, I have cleared some space on my phone for photos and videos, tucked some business cards and snacks into my bag .. I think I am about ready!

“Beyond the view of meditation as a personal practice, our speakers and delegates will share their understanding of how the myriad forms of meditation contribute at a societal level, enhancing collective wellbeing and creating cultural change.”

You can follow some of my daily reflections on my Instagram page, but my aim is to also post a more insightful overview here: some key takeaway(s), new research and resources, and links to find more information.

The keynote address on Saturday is Meditation and Society: From the Individual to the Collective presented by Dr. Craig Hassed, Associate Professor, Monash University, Department of General Practice and Patron Meditation Australia.

Dr Hassed is a leading Australian academic and writer .. and I have been lucky to attend many (many) of his presentations, workshops, and classes over the years. Craig’s life work has been built on a solid foundation of science and he is a leading force in the application of integrative and mind-body medicine; introducing meditation into the medical curriculum at Monash University to educate upcoming medical practitioners on the power of meditation.

Want to learn more? I can highly recommend this FREE online course with Dr Hassed and developed with Monash University on the platform FutureLearn: Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

SO wish me well. I hope to gather a lot of valuable and insightful information and find some time to process and report back.

Luckily at this Meditation Conference there is also scheduled time for .. meditation!