Nowadays, I find that almost everyone has heard about the positive benefits of a regular meditation practice .. from lowering stress and anxiety, to improving our sleep and our sense of wellbeing. But back when I first learned about meditation it was only available within traditional centres and lineages … now in 2020 the availability and variety of offerings around meditation (and mindfulness) can be somewhat intimidating and confusing.

Where to start?

Having taught others to meditation over the last eleven years, I have found the most powerful place to start for most of us, is with Meditative Exercises.

What are Meditative Exercises?

Meditative Exercises are short but powerful exercises that enable us to release stress and tension when we wish or need to, even at times ‘in the moment’.  So, while a regular meditation practice takes a little time to learn and ‘practice’ .. Meditative Exercises can provide an almost immediate, and measurable, sense of ease and relaxation.

They may only require a small investment of time – but their value can be immense.

Most of the exercises that I share are grounded in traditional pranayama and mindfulness, while also being informed by science. Just as the ancient meditation and yoga traditions have known for thousands of years, and modern science is now supporting .. how we breathe, and the efficiency and effectiveness of our breath can have an immediate and cumulative effect on our health and wellbeing.

These exercises combine elements of breath awareness and conscious breathing, so we can guide our breath in such a way that it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system .. slowing our heart rate and providing us with an almost immediate feeling of calm and ease.

So these little exercises are powerful not just in the midst of daily life .. but also provide an excellent starting point for a regular meditation practice.

7 Meditative Exercises to get you started

I recently put together five of my favourite Meditative Exercises into a 10-page eBook, along with two expanded exercises, to get you started.  Along with written instructions there is a guided audio for each exercise that you can download and begin implementing into daily life. The more you practice these exercises, the more powerful they can become.

*5 Meditative Exercises and
2 Extended Meditative Practices

Just a few minutes each day to find what you need.

Download and START NOW!