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Reading List 2019

I have a lot of books. Well. Let me be truthful and clear here. I have hundreds of books. Meditation books. It is probably fair to say, these are my .. addiction. My 30-year meditation journey has taken me to many temples, ashrams, festivals, teachers, studies and classes .. and of course, my meditation teacher […]

Joy Practices

Science tells us that having a positive attitude has a direct connection with happiness and success. Meditation is my ‘go-to’ tool for cultivating clarity, creativity, joy and happiness But there are times when life can get so busy, and move so fast, that we forget the many simple and momentous happy moments that really do […]

Sankalpa (Intentions)

I love the new page feeling of a crisp New Year.  New possibilities. Starting clean. This year I shall actually be away over the New Year period, heading up north to attend a special NY Yoga retreat .. time near the ocean, silence, sunshine, gentle yoga, swimming and mind detoxing! So, I have started early […]

Mentally Preparing For A Retreat

Setting Off Adventure Retreat

On a meditation retreat we are usually committing ourselves to letting go. To letting go of our routine life. To commit to doing nothing (although there is certainly a lot of internal ‘doing’). If your life is exceptionally busy and you are madly dashing around in the weeks and days before you depart for your […]

Let’s Sit #2

Black Dragon Meditation Stool

The Zafu A traditional Japanese round-pleated cushion which again raises the hips and tilts the pelvis so that the legs can rest comfortably, along with providing a firm foundation for the torso. Sitting on the edge of the zafu allows the knees to ‘fall’ slightly which further tilts the pelvic bowl forward, encouraging the spinal […]