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Meditation & Creativity

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Great article received today from Artshub: “How meditation helped my creative practice: 8 artists share tips”. Wonderful to read about the different experiences with meditation, and the impact on personal creativity, from eight very different Australian artists. Including David Jones, professional percussionist who teaches meditation at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation centre in Fitzroy, who I have […]

Australian Meditation Conference

This coming weekend .. I will be filling my cup with meditation! I am attending the weekend-long Australian Meditation Conference being held in Melbourne with the theme Meditation and Society. Presented by the Meditation Association of Australia the conference: “provides a platform for collaborative dialogue between a wide range of speakers interested in the philosophies and applications of […]

Mindfulness At The Front-Line

Emergency Services Personnel

I recently answered a call for meditation instruction for a very specific group .. emergency service workers, first-responders, those at the front line! This group was described as “hardened grizzled coppers?” As the mother of a soon-to-be paramedic .. I have a very personal interest in doing what I can to support the emotional and mental […]

Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

An excellent article today from The Greater Good Science Centre which is based at the University of California, Berkeley. The centre sponsors scientific research into social and emotional well-being and earlier this year I enjoyed some excellent online studies with their Positive Psychology school. Todays article introduced some recent research on how self-compassion practices can […]

From Elementary School to Presidential C...

Meditation In The News

The week that was … Exciting to read about the wonderful response from students at a Belle River elementary school who started a new meditation club to help them become calmer, nicer and more focused at school. Student Dayne Bensette says that the club helps him calm down “Sometimes I have a lot of stuff […]