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Summertime ..


Here at Quiet Mind Meditation, as with my personal meditation practice, we follow a seasonal calendar that gives each month of the year a theme – a mindful focus. I call this #SeasonalMindfulness Right now, here in the southern hemisphere, we have just stepped into Summer (1st December) and all around us we can witness […]

Join Me Online

UPDATE: April 7, 2020. As we all adjust to the ongoing challenges and changes associated with the evolving coronavirus situation .. I shall now be offering ALL AUTUMN CLASSES online through ZOOM (an online meeting space).  BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL to confirm your place and details for entering our online space will then be provided. A Zoom […]

S.E.E.D Meditation

SEED Meditation course

Spring symbolizes: new life, new beginnings, and awakening Spring entices us with so much potentiality and excitement for new projects and adventures, making this an ideal time to start meditating .. as the morning sunlight naturally awakens us with energy to begin, enticing our senses with warm sunlight and fresh garden growth, and inspiring us […]

Spring Classes

Spring Meditation Classes

Spring .. and LOVE is in the air! Nature is overflowing with symbolism that whispers .. rebirth, renewal, love, hope and new growth. The warmer days and the sunshine have awakened the earth from her Winter slumber and she is EXPLODING with new life. In our own human lives .. Spring entices us with the […]

Attention Deficit Trait

“Modern office life and an increasingly common condition called ‘Attention Deficit Trait’ are turning steady workers into frenzied underachievers” Dr Edward Hallowell, Harvard Business Review What is the major challenge for workers today? Attention! Information overload, distraction and ‘sensory noise’ close down our ability to focus, think clearly and strategically, and effectively make decisions and […]