I believe meditation is a LIFE SKILL .. that everyone can learn and benefit from!

I find myself constantly pondering and planning how I can share my passion for meditation .. usually, these creative thoughts blossom when my mind is fresh and spacious ie. after meditation!

Don’t wait. Meditation is not difficult to learn .. and the benefits are infinite.


Everything we do within Quiet Mind Meditation, all of our practices and rituals, our intentions and commitments flow from the energy of the Season (southern hemisphere calendar). Why Seasonal classes? read more here


Details on the content of each class or event, what you can expect to learn and do, venue and times, and links to register.


The why and how behind Quiet Mind Meditation and our class offerings


Some very simple and practical points to note before booking

Please reach out if you have any questions hello@quietmind.com.au

“Your teacher can open the door
but you must enter by yourself”
Chinese proverb