In meditation we often find that as life, body and mind slow down .. there unfolds a …

mental ‘spaciousness’

I often use the analogy of the untidy office desk (akin to the busy mind), always covered with papers, pens, article clippings and the odd coffee mug ..although under all the clutter remains the desk. When we clear the desk we find some beautiful and unclaimed space in which to sit and contemplate .. or create!

To be creative we need to cultivate a little spaciousness of mind ..

I have found over the years that the best ever creative ideas pop into my mind after my meditation practice .. often a half hour or so later when I am in the shower!

Suddenly, I think up the perfect gift for a friend, that vague book title or business idea. These fresh ideas seem to become clear and ‘heard’ when there is spaciousness.

With a clear mind, previously vague ideas finally have a chance to find each other .. the DOTS LINK UP .. and a new idea is born!

A study by cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato and her fellow researchers at Leiden University (April 2012) found that certain meditation techniques can promote heightened creative thinking. The findings supported the belief that meditation can have a long-lasting influence on human cognition, including how we think and how we experience events. Article here