Jennifer_The Karma StudioThis winter I found a new home for the Exploring Meditation program (a cosy and inviting home) at The Karma Studio in Sandringham. A very welcoming space that offers an opportunity to leave the noisy, busy world outside .. and step into quiet calmness.

Jennifer Berridge is the founder of The Karma Studio and she has been working and studying in the natural health and therapy field for over 25 years. Jennifer has Diplomas in Swedish, Remedial, Polarity, Reflexology and Chinese Massage, has 15years experience in Yoga Therapy, runs yoga retreats, is a mother .. and recently became a Japanese Needle Therapy practitioner! Wow! A wealth of knowledge, positive energy and peacefulness. I asked Jennifer some probing questions to find out more ..

Tell us about what you do :
I am the owner of The Karma Studio and support people with their health and wellness through Japanese Needle Therapy, Energy Massages and Yoga Programs.

So what is Japanese Needling Therapy? Japanese Needling Therapy originated in Japan over 1400 years ago. Because of stress, lifestyle and a lack of right nutrition etc. We become grossly out of balance, weak and unable to heal ourselves. Needling Therapy aims to balance the Yin & Yang and Five Phase Systems realigning the Biorhythmic system. Tools used include needling, cupping, moxibustion, colour and sound therapy, Sotai, Polarity Therapy and other modalities to suite the individual. The therapy leaves you energized strengthened and balanced so that your own body can come back to its roots. It is very powerful!

How long have you been practicing in the wellbeing and health field?  How did you start?I have been practising for 29 years now .. but only the last nine years have I been running The Karma Studio in this area (Sandringham).

How did you ‘find’ meditation, and how long have you been practicing? I have practiced meditation every day for ten years .. before that it was on and off.

Do you have a regular practice? Yes daily meditation and yoga. I also have chanting classes weekly and massages bi-weekly.

What inspires you to keep meditation and returning to your practice?
Meditation is the single thing that clears, focuses, nourishes and empowers me .. nothing else has ever come close to fulfilling me like my meditation practice.

Can I ask .. why do you meditate?  To love and nourish myself.

Do you have a particular technique(s) that you have found most suitable for you?  It varies, between chakra cleansing and different breath techniques and chanting.

AM or PM .. Chair, cushion or stool?  Mornings with a cushion or stool.

Have you a dedicated space for your practice?  Yes .. in my Sun Room at The Karma Studio (Sarah : ahh that is why the room is so calming and has such a beautiful energy ..lots of meditation happening in that room!)

Have you attended a meditation retreat?  Yes many.

Any favourite books/CDs/Resources that you might share with others?
I promote relaxation and meditation CD’s .. there are so many where do I start? (Sarah : there is a space at The Karma Studio where you can find a great assortment of books, CDs, yoga props, candles .. )

Any thoughts you might share with those who are new to meditation?  Start with five minutes and build up. Never do too long as you won’t make it a discipline if you don’t keep up with everyday.

7 Random things about you?  I love .. Nature, People, Peace, fun and stillness, the theatre, walking, yoga and, connecting with people and travel.

If you are in the Bayside area please drop into The Karma Studio or have a look at their website .. and talk with Jennifer about how she can assist with your wellness.