Have you heard .. it is better to gift an experience than ‘stuff’? I hear this a lot around this time of year, and I must say that I probably agree.  Which is great because meditation is totally:


[adjective] involving or based on experience and observation

Some years ago I began offering Gift Certificates which could be made out for a class or workshop, private meditation instruction (one-on-one) or maybe something from the Quiet Mind Shop.  This year there are a few more options to share the experience of meditation including:

Send a friend (or come together) to our next Bliss Bomb Summer Day Retreat happening on Sunday 5th February in Prahran

Or maybe someone over the other side of the globe would like to learn how to meditate online .. with our 31 Day Meditation eCourse

or the biggest and best-est MEDITATION GIFT BOX new this year and full of goodies. Click on the image/link to find out more:

Meditation Box