Grounding is a very simple and popular practice that reconnects us with our body, our mind and the world around us.

This practice can be even more powerful when taken outside, into nature as studies have shown that being barefoot on the grass can trigger a fall in blood pressure and heart rate, igniting our senses (which refreshes and invigorates) and providing us with a deeper sense of being ‘grounded’.

In this exercise your task is to spend a few minutes without your shoes, connecting with the grass and earth beneath you .. imagining that your feet are roots that extend and anchor you deep into the earth below.

~ find a patch of green grass and remove your shoes
~ take a moment to notice the broad sky above you
~ notice the weather, the floating clouds, sunshine or wind
~ close your eyes and really feel the breath of the day on your face
~ smell the world around you and open your ears to your unique sound-scape                         ~ bring your awareness to your feet, the touch of the earth and grass beneath you
~ imagine roots extending through your body and feet reaching deep into the earth below
~ notice how the grass feels .. ticklish, coarse, wet, soft, squishy
~ wiggle and swish your feet around .. delighted in the playfulness of the moment
~ simply enjoy the touch of the grass beneath you and breath in the air for a few minutes
~ when ready to finish .. make sure that you smile inwardly aware of just how wonderful it is to be part of the greater natural world in this moment.

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