“What can I offer?”

This had been my mantra in recent days.

What could I offer that would be helpful, supportive and e-a-s-y in this time of great turmoil and uncertainty?

Stress is a completely understandable reaction at this time. There is no minimising how much our lives, and our world, have changed in just a few months. Perhaps you are missing work, or the structure of your work day, juggling having a house suddenly full of ‘people‘ 24/7, finding that you are not sleeping all that well, or just worrying a little more than usual.

Then. After my morning meditation earlier in the week, I felt that the most worthy offerings I could share with YOU at this moment were some simple, practical and powerful Meditative Exercises ..

.. and that we could do these Meditative Exercises
LIVE on Instagram .. together!

You might find me sitting under my majestic fig tree (if the sun stays out) or in my living room under the mandala .. but together we shall pause and take a breath to rest. refresh and settle.

Meditative Exercises 
These exercises may only take a few minutes but they can be efficient and effective tools for destressing and resetting the nervous system; to feel calmer and more relaxed. I shall be sharing a range of exercises based on mindfulness, the breath, the body, the heart and maybe some mindful movement as well. The goal is to give you a tool (or tools) to help you relax and calm at any time.

Monday 30 March until Friday 3 April

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia so times are all AEDT – we shall go LIVE at 9am and 4pm – giving us two different exercises each day to practice.

on Instagram at /QuietMindMeditation

Duration 15minutes
I am thinking 1-2 minutes for some instruction/ introduction, and together we shall experience a Meditative Exercise between 7-10 minutes length, with maybe a minute or two at the end for resting or reflecting.

These Meditative Exercises are a great place to start your meditation journey: they are based on some key elements of longer formal meditation practices, so you are immediately learning and practising the skill of meditation; they are an excellent way to pause and refresh whenever you need or want to throughout the day; and they are a useful starting point for a longer period of meditation (if you already have a personal practice).

Remember we are all #InThisTogether

*This will be my very first LIVE event and I am really excited (and nervous .. in a good way) to try this new format and share these life tools with you.

Hope to see you on Monday! www.instagram.com/QuietMindMeditation