Here in Melbourne (Australia) today, Wednesday 29 July 2020 .. we are in our second lockdown period as we try to hold back the spread of Covid-19.

I feel like I am living a monumental historic moment. We all are. I wish that I had kept a written journal of this journey, I imagine it would be something wonderful to share and reflect back on; and I’m sure there will be many creative writers and eager children doing this. Are you?

“Staying at home gives you time to find your true home.
It’s not isolation, it’s a meditation retreat.
Open the doors to your mind”.

Yesterday I shared this quote from Gelong Thubten on Instagram .. because it really resonated with me. I have been conscious of inviting a sense of ‘retreat’ into my period of isolation. Maybe just moments, sometimes extended into longer days, but seeking to bring a sense of sacredness to this strange opportunity .. to take moments for meditation as I might on a meditation retreat, punctuating my day (rather than just bookending) and committing to daily mindfulness when doing tasks, moving about my home, tending to what needs to be done – just as I might do at a retreat centre. To honour this gift of spaciousness. To open that door.

And I have taken some of this time for admin (or ‘adulting’ as my daughter calls it), clear up my ‘back of house’ and get creative. This has been a perfect moment to take a fresh look at how I might make meditation and mindfulness more available outside of traditional group classes and retreats.

New things:

*I have been offering FREE guided meditation LIVE! on Instagram every Wednesday morning at 9am since April. This has been a wonderful adventure as I never really felt at home in the online space and going ‘live‘ was way too scary in the past. Now. I am happy with just showing up and sharing some of my own practices. Being still. OK with what unfolds in the moment. Alone and together. Join the Private Facebook Group to watch any of the video’s and receive reminders each week.

*One BIG project that I have been busy with has been the building of a new online platform for The Seasonal Lounge. This is a membership hub where we explore meditation, mindfulness and ritual in alignment with the Seasons. It has meant a steep learning curve and lots of cursing and hair-pulling. Technology can be like a three-year-old having a temper tantrum (or is that me with technology) but I am progressing. The new platform will make accessing and learning and enjoying our shared practices much nicer and easier. The plan is to be open and diving into Spring practices on 1st September 2020.

If you would like to receive a VIP invitation to JOIN US – email me HERE.

*Plus on this fancy new platform – I shall be able to gather all of my courses, short mini-courses and free resources and offer them neatly packaged and ready to roll. The opportunities seem never-ending .. so the excitement has kept me up at night and filled some of my isolation days to the brim.

*I also loved sharing my 30-Days of #WinterMindfulness2020 over on my Seasonal Mindfulness Instagram page. This is truly a gratitude practice and time-bender all in one. Keeping my eye on the unique gifts of Winter means that I have a completely different narrative now about this period of cold and isolation. This Winter has been blessed with wonderful sunsets, stunning blue skies and beautiful moments shared. Go take a look at the gifts I received over 30-Days:

*And I am back with some of my corporate clients, sharing meditation online through ZOOM. I do appreciate the invitation into someone’s home and seeing everyone in a more relaxed and casual setting. Being able to come together, despite our physical distance, and share meditation (making positive use of the technology we now spend more time with) has been lovely.

Well. That’s a little bit of an update from me.

Over the next few weeks, I have more to share with you .. as Spring is already making herself known (flowers on my jasmine vine) and I shall be embracing that blossoming new energy to open the NEW REVAMPED Seasonal Lounge and other projects.

Be well.