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Each Wednesday (just before lunchtime in Melbourne, Australia) I share a short and sweet weekly mindfulness exercise – designed to motivate and inspire you to take a few moments during your lunch break to cultivate presence, connection and awareness.

Life is busy. We are all busy. But taking just a few moments to PAUSE and BREATHE can be empowering and life changing (maybe even, enlightening)

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This week : Lunchtime Enlightenment #21


Underneath all the noise of the world there is a silence.

Like a desk full of papers .. underneath is just the desk.

Have you listened to the world around you today? Can you catch the silence moments that exist between the music, the talking, and the hum of life? The quiet pauses that exist within a conversation? Or the quiet of your car as you head home after a busy day?

You have to be present and aware to really hear the silence.

This week .. seek out silence .. wherever you find yourself.

from Sarah at Quiet Mind Meditation