The seasonal message of Autumn is: Preparation. Transition. Releasing.

In Autumn, nature prepares for the coming winter by harvesting, gathering and stockpiling what will be needed for the cooler, shorter and darker days ahead. Nature knows to release what is no longer needed in order to channel her energy inward and downward, and so begin building a deeper root system that will provide stability to weather the storms ahead.

Observing this wisdom of nature, we are invited also to prepare; to shift our attention and awareness inward, to reflect on our harvest – our achievements and lessons learned – so we might also release what no longer serves us, and establish a solid foundation for the coming winter.

Autumn invites us to begin our journey home.

Here at Quiet Mind Meditation, we embrace the wisdom of the seasons in all that we do, and in our Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar the theme for March 2020 is Grounding.

Feeling ungrounded?

  • ‘Floaty’ or scattered when you are trying to be present and focused
  • Easily distracted or caught up in daydreaming
  • Finding it hard to concentrate or make decisions (thinking feels like wading through mud)
  • Forgetful or clumsy
  • Difficulty following conversations
  • Losing track of time (driving home and not knowing how you got there!)
  • Feeling drained: physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually
  • Being easily influenced or affected by other people’s energy or mood
  • Feeling overstimulated, nervous or bursting with busyness
  • Heightened sensitivity to light and noise

Or, are you grounded?

When grounded we have a sense of steadiness and confidence .. much like a tree with a deep underground root system that provides a solid foundation from which to grow and weather the storms. Feeling grounded gives us a sense of balance and flexibility, a slow and steady confidence that we will be able to meet change, while holding our ground.

In The Seasonal Lounge this March we will explore a range of meditation practices, mindfulness exercises and daily rituals that will GROUND and support us on our journey into the yin energy season of Autumn and Winter.

LAUNCHING 1st March you will receive the Grounding eGuide (downloadable 25+ page pdf) with links to two guided meditations (audio) along with Mindfulness exercises and daily life rituals for Grounding. You can move through the practices and exercises at your own pace or in alignment with your interests and needs. Each week there is also a brief email with tips or further insights, which acts as a gentle nudge (reminder) of our focus for the month.

Grounding program : March 2020

After the long, hot Australian Summer, I relish the arrival of Autumn .. when the nights are cooler and sleep is much easier (and cosier) yet the sun continues to shine brightly against an effervescent blue sky. Soon the leaves will start to fall from my sweet fig tree .. and remind me yet again, that the cycle of life continues unabated around (and within) and just like nature’s giant exhale, we too will now begin the journey home to ourselves.

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Seasonal Membership: JOIN US for Autumn .. ‘Grounding‘ in March, ‘Heartfulness‘ in April, and ‘Letting Go‘ in May ONLY $24pm

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