Excited to share that I am now an officially Certified Meditation Teacher with the McLean Meditation Institute!

If you have been following my journey here at Quiet Mind Meditation .. you will know that over the past year I have been completing an amazingly professional and broad learning program which has just culminated in an eight-day meditation intensive retreat in Sedona (Arizona).

I got home to Australia last night, feeling full of gratitude for a year of profound learning, deep friendships and personal breakthroughs – all the while being gently guided by my teacher Sarah McLean and course advisor Suzi von Mensenkampff.

After the retreat, I was lucky enough to be ‘in town’ to attended the Meditation Teacher Symposium that brought together teachers and specialists to share further learning .. attending workshops on Children’s Meditation, Being a Meditation Coach and Trauma Sensitive Meditation.

As I process and gather my thoughts, I shall share further details shortly on both the McLean Meditation Institute program, and the workshops that I attended at the Symposium.

Feeling blessed.