‘App’ the Tour Guide

As a meditation teacher, I am always asked my thoughts on the use of plug-in on-line meditation apps.

And this analogy came to me (interestingly, after my morning meditation).

Let’s think of a guided meditation experience .. like being on a tour bus with a well-spoken and charismatic tour leader who walks you through your journey; let’s call him ‘App’.

Now App knows a lot and he loves a chat.  You can just relax and enjoy the view because App will let you know when to get on and off the bus, he will happily point out the highlights and take care of any annoying distractions, like waiting in queues or finding a lunch spot.

But after traveling on the bus a few times, you begin to realize that some sights might be worth spending a little more time at, to truly explore and wander. Or, perhaps some of the lesser-known spots are where you sense the magic really happens. Maybe you wake one morning and realise that you have not really had enough quiet time to reflect on how your feeling or what sensations have been coming up for you.

Maybe you would learn more, observe more, realize more .. if you walked your own path

Some experiences and insights can only be gained from observing our own present moment experience and walking our own path. Meditation is experiential, so a guide can provide a wonderful introduction to your journey .. but the true test of an independent travel is when they seek out their own path. Looking for those open spaces and unknown streets and landscapes. Enjoying time to just wander .. to get distracted .. chance upon a cozy viewing spot .. get lost .. and choose to return again and again to the moment.

How else will you find your own way home?

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* Cool photo by Jeff Smith on Unsplash