There is great power in attending to one breath, one moment .. with pure joy and contentment

Taking just 5 minutes to PAUSE and be MINDFUL in the MOMENT can be life-changing.

As a meditation teacher, I think I have heard nearly every excuse possible as to why people cannot meditate .. “I think too much”, “I am too busy” or “It’s not in my nature to sit down” are some regular favorites.

I was inspired by my very first formal meditation experience, as a teenager some thirty years ago (you can read more about that here) to commit to a regular daily meditation practice .. but over the years, I have also found that there can be great power and immediate benefits in the inclusion of short and brief Meditative Exercises, which allow us to bring the skill of meditation into daily life.

Often drawn from ancient traditional practices, and in recent years supported by scientific inquiry, these exercises may only take a few minutes .. but they allow us to step away from the noise and rushing and busyness, and honor our own wellbeing.

As a standalone practice, or starting point for a longer meditation, these exercises can have a profound impact on how we are traveling, our mood, our sense of connection and well-being, and also compliment and empower our daily meditation practice.

I suggest practicing these Meditative Exercises throughout the day:

  • When waking in the morning
  • Standing in line at the supermarket
  • Waiting in the traffic
  • Before a meeting or appointment
  • Between projects at work to refocus
  • Prior to bed
  • When feeling a little fractured or anxious
  • Whenever you find yourself waiting or having a moment of downtime

I would also suggest that you diarise a time in your diary or phone to remind you to take a moment to breathe and pause. Pick a favorite exercise and commit to three times a day, for a week (or two) to really integrate the exercise into your ‘life toolbox’  .. so you will not only bring greater mindfulness into your day but also have a go-to tool when needing to release a little tension or stress.

In this way, meditation can become an enjoyable and natural part of your day.

I have just uploaded three short five-minute (approx) Meditative Exercises which I recorded for a corporate client last year as part of their Mindfulness Month. You can also find these, and more in a few weeks, over on our Resources page.

“Your meditations are beautiful and perfect for a corporate environment. I have only had positive feedback (other than people wishing they were longer!) and numbers are growing every day. We had about 20 people Monday and around 35 people today. I am hoping we’ll have 50 by the last week. The energy in the room today was pretty powerful. I certainly feel a lot more balanced at work by doing this at a set time every day.”

(Miranda, Government sector)

guided meditative exercise


The power and poetry of words to shift our attention inward.

Power of Words Mindfulness Exercise (5.44min)


Meditative Exercise

Grounding our attention to our resting hands which are quiet, warm and still in our lap.

Grounding With The Hands (6.18min)



Meditative ExerciseThe power of a deep intentional breath to bring us into the present moment.

A Conscious Breath (5.37min)