There are many excuses in the morning to not do your meditation .. you are so tired, have so much to do, are not in the mood ..

Who has the time?

But this is the BEST TIME.  The start of a fresh new day .. the start of untold potential .. so why wouldn’t you do the ONE THING that can make such a huge positive impact on your mood, your attitude .. your day.

AND you can do this little practice while still in bed.  Waking up the best possible way .. by being mindful of LIFE and your breath.

Morning Breath Meditation allows us to reconnect with our body and our breath at its gentlest and most relaxed state

* After waking, turn onto your back and rest both your hands (palms down) across your lower belly area

* Just rest for a few moments feeling how your belly moves with each inhalation and exhalation

* Feel the warmth of a soft belly, the gentle expansion and contraction beneath your hands .. the gentle rhythm that is the pulse of life.

* And when you feel ready .. take a slightly deeper inhalation so that you feel your belly grow and expand

* Then let the exhalation go with a forceful ‘HA’ (loud exhalation)

* Do this a couple of times without stress or strain .. just breathing in deep and breathing out ‘HA

* Then let your breath return to a gentle rhythm and smile .. take a few moments just to settle here and enjoy the peacefulness .. you are off to a great start today.

With each new breath, and each new morning, we have a moment in which we create our life anew ..