Meditation Intention Bracelet Strength

Grounding: Black Lava

Meditation Intention Bracelet Spirit

Open Heart: Sandalwood

Meditation Intention Bracelet Calm

Calming: Howlite

Meditation Intention Bracelets

Meditation Intention Bracelets

I am so excited to share news of our lovely new Meditation Intention Bracelets .. just released and available now on our online Shop.

After teaching meditation for a number of years I found that the most common question that I heard from those seeking to start a regular meditation practice was .. how to remember to meditate.

We often have a clear enough intention to meditate every day .. we have learnt this ‘life skill’ and know the profound health and wellness benefits, we may have even had an ‘ah-ha’ moment ourselves while meditating .. BUT .. we still find that once we wake in the morning and our to-do list comes to mind, the day races past and we only remember our intention late at night when getting settled for sleep.

The most common question I have about meditation .. is how to remember to DO IT!

I designed the Meditation Intention Bracelet to act as a handy visual reminder of our intention to practice, and the first range consisted of a black leather bracelet with a cute silver lotus charm .. and these became really popular!

The Quiet Mind Meditation Intention Bracelet is designed to provide a beautiful visual trigger to reminder you to stop, take a breath and turn your focus inward

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While you move about your day, work at your desk, drive your car or put out the washing the Meditation Bracelet will be your visual reminder .. a gentle nudge, a quiet whisper .. to come back to the breath and return to the present moment (perhaps even take the opportunity to meditate).

In this way we keep our intention to meditate in our thoughts throughout the day.

On a trip to Bali in 2015 I found these amazingly beautiful black lava beads, and was instantly inspired to start make these unique bracelets (I have studied and made jewellery for a number of years) .. and now there are three distinct bracelets available, each highlighting a different stone or bead, each with a slightly different ‘flavour’, and all featuring the lovely Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver charm.

Grounding Intention Bracelet: Made from 8mm black lava beads, a protective stone that repels negativity with a grounding quality that comes from being created through powerful high pressured volcanic activity deep within the earth.

Calming Intention Bracelet: Consisting of predominantly white/grey 8mm Howlite beads which are described as a stone of awareness and calmness; reducing anger, strengthening positive characteristics and enhancing the receipt of wisdom from the Higher Self and Divine. Bracelet includes two black lava beads for strength and grounding.

Open Heart Intention Bracelet: 8mm Sandalwood beads which induce a calming and soothing effect on the mind, enhancing self-identity, energy and an open heart.  Sandalwood beads have been used in traditional Buddhist mala’s for centuries, said to increase spiritual energy and focus in the mind for meditation. Includes two black lava beads for strength and grounding.

Each Meditation Intention Bracelet comes with a little scroll detailing the beads and their meaning, along with instructions on how to use the bracelet, all held in a small black chiffon bag that makes a great gift or keepsake.

Take a look at our beautiful new Meditation Intention Bracelets .. shot on location in Bali in July 2016 at the Quiet Mind Meditation Shop.

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