Once upon a time … (about ten years ago) .. my wonderful sister sent me a special package from way across the ocean (Los Angeles). The package arrived carefully wrapped, it was heavy, and was a birthday surprise (mine!). When I opened all the colourful wrapping I found inside a sweetly crafted wooden box .. and housed inside the box ..

.. the most amazing meditation timer … ever!

I sat many years with my meditation timer .. but one day when I moved house, unwrapped it with care and placed it on my bedside table .. it would no longer chime for me. No-one in Australia-land knew what it was .. no jeweller, no clock fixer .. so it sat lonely in my cupboard .. for many years ..

Then .. one day I sighted my clock .. on display at the recent Australian Meditation Conference! I was beside the table in minutes and met the really lovely Anton from The Natural Lifestyle Company who are now importing these amazing clocks to Australia.

There are three Zen Alarm Clocks in the range (mine is the walnut Digital Zen Alarm Clock) and they are all perfect for use as an alarm clock (to wake gently in the morning), as a yoga/meditation practice timer, or as a ‘mindfulness bell’. They give a luscious resonating Tibetan bell-like chime. And when the alarm is triggered the chime bar is struck just once .. and then again 3-1/2 minutes later .. and then again 2.21 minutes .. continuing to chime more frequent over 10 minutes to eventually strike every 5 seconds until shut off. The chiming sequence is known as ‘The Golden Mean’

.. Nature uses the Golden Mean as its formula for creation .. Golden Mean relationships are everywhere in nature – from the human body to the solar system .. the most elegant natural express is the golden spiral of nautilus shells, galaxies and whirlpools ..

A truly a beautiful way to wake up .. to the day and to the moment .. or to the world after meditation.

Thanks to The Natural Lifestyle Company (and Anton and Sally) .. I now have a new Zen Clock. And the moment I received my new clock I took it to meditation class and gave everyone an opportunity to experience the lovely chimes at the finish of our Silent Meditation.

Meditation is all done within .. you don’t need any apparatus, lululemon wear or mystical beads .. just to sit. But the Zen Clock is a beautiful reminder of returning to the moment, especially signalling the end of our meditation. Please visit The Natural Lifestyle Company or come to one of my classes as I intend to now use this timer in all my classes.

And so we lived happily every after …