The gift of my practice that I call #SeasonalMindfulness is that it beautifully and effortlessly guides our meditation practice to best align our inner energy with the energy of nature and our external landscape.

Summer is the season of: lightness, joyfulness, freedom, self-expression and wholehearted action.

Online classes are held on ZOOM. An invitation to the Zoom studio will be forwarded 24 hours before class.

Summer Happenings

Online Seasonal Summer

Summer is a season full of aliveness and potent yang-energy which drives us to make, create, play and do; but if left unattended can push us into overdrive and leave us feeling depleted and scorched. This Summer Seasonal Mindfulness class is full of practices to harness and balance Summer energy through mindful movement, qigong, breath work and meditation.

Online Morning Ritual

I shall be sharing my non-negotiable Morning Ritual which is how I start each and every day. Starting with listening to my body, I can adapt my ritual accordingly but often include energy awakening practices, mindful movement, Qi massage, breath work, meditation and setting Heartfulness intentions. The point of a Morning Ritual is to set you up for your best possible day.

Online Breath

Perfectly timed for the shift back to school and work schedules – we shall explore Breathwork practices that can positively transform our mental state, effectively release stress and tension, and support improved sleep, immunity and digestion. Your Breath can be a powerful tool for establishing calm and balance in daily life. Find the tools you need to de-stress before the year takes off!

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“Summertime. It was a song. It was a season. I wondered if that season would ever live inside of me.” 

Benjamin Alire Sáenz