Last Sunday night we gathered.

The weather was a bit chilly .. but with a few candles and the sudden appearance of a sunset sky, we were ready.

The very first Meditation Collective at the U-Bounce Beach Hub (Sandringham, VIC) was WONDERFUL and exciting and uplifting!

I almost couldn’t believe it was finally a reality.  I have long dreamt of how it might look and feel to offer a regular weekly meditation gathering .. and there were all the practical considerations to unravel; the venue and day/time, and the logistics of being available every week, and what people might want in such a setting!

But then the pieces started to un-jumble themselves late last year .. a venue appeared (thanks Gaby) and then I wondered if other meditation teachers might like to share their passion .. and everyone said yes!

So it was rather sweet .. under the late setting Summer sunset .. to sit and be present to an unfolding dream.


Our final February gathering is Sunday 26th Simple Mantra for Everyday Life: The power and magic of silently repeating words to calm and still the mind BOOK HERE

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The theme for March will be Meditation for Health & Wellbeing

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Be kind to yourself .. come sit with friends for meditation