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April ‘Heartfulness’ (digital)

$26.99 inc gst

April is ‘Heartfulness’ (Digital)


Following the 2020 Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar .. our theme for April is Heartfulness. 

This 29-page eGuide provides a range of meditation practices, mindfulness exercises and rituals to expand our sense of Heartfulness and the qualities of kindness, gratitude, compassion and generosity.

This eGuide is part of our online subscription program called ‘The Seasonal Lounge’ and includes:

*2 Meditations (audio)
*1 Intention
*1 Mudra
*4 Mindfulness Exercises
*3 Daily Rituals
*Copy of our Autumn Harvest eBook


Product description

April is ‘Heartfulness’ (Digital)

$26.99 (download immediately)

In our online subscription membership, called The Seasonal Lounge, we follow the Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar which gives us a monthly theme to guide our meditation practices, mindfulness exercises and sacred rituals.

“Cultivating a deeper awareness and understanding of the seasonal changes unfolding in our external environment can help us understand their influence on our internal world .. our energy, mood, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and choices. The changing seasons can also inspire and inform our meditation, mindfulness and daily rituals so that we can balance and harmonize our inner and outer worlds.” 
Sarah, Quiet Mind Meditation

The theme for April is Heartfulness

April’s journey into HEARTFULNESS is occurring at a particularly significant time for us the year .. with the current pandemic and isolation that finds us without our usual forms of community and connection.

April, the middle month of Autumn, is a natural time for rest and reflection, to establish a deeper connection with ourselves and to cultivate the qualities of kindness, gratitude, compassion and generosity which will support us (our family and our community) through the challenging times ahead. The world needs a big dose of heartfulness right now.

Our Heartfulness eGuide (29-pages) includes:

  • An explanation of the energies of Autumn and our theme for April
  • An Intention and Mantra to embody Heartfulness
  • Bringing Heartfulness into daily meditation and daily life
  • A Connecting to the Heart Meditative Exercise (audio 9min)
  • A Guided ‘Loving Kindness’ Meditation (audio 18min)
  • Four Mindfulness practices
  • Three Daily Rituals
  • The power of Forgiveness with Ho’oponopono
  • Recent science of Heartfulness
  • Copy of our Autumn Harvest eBook (26-page pdf)

PLUS an INVITATION to continue the journey with a Special $24pm ongoing membership offer. Looking forward our theme for May which is Letting Go.

This is a Single Issue purchase – you can also Subscribe to The Seasonal Lounge (only $24pm) with the freedom to unsubscribe at any time HERE.

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