When I worked in the corporate sector .. I would often put my hand up for the ‘skeleton staff’ shift between Christmas and the second week of January.

I really enjoyed the quietness, the opportunity to get sorted and get started on creative projects. I would clean out my files to make room for new jobs and new clients. Do some research to prepare for new directions and activities. Have some creative strategic planning sessions with others on ‘skeleton staff’ who I might not normally have the chance to collaborate with.

It was also a great time for some professional development and team building.

The Best Possible Starting Point for 2019!

There are many great reasons why highly creative, innovative and inspiring global organizations have embraced meditation and mindfulness training for their teams .. think Microsoft, Google, Boeing:

· Learning to self manage stress
· Improving collaboration and team building
· Reducing non-engagement
· Expanding awareness and concentration
· Raising energy levels
· Enhancing decision-making & creativity

Get ready for a brilliant start to 2019 by learning how to de-stress, get focused and build creativity through meditation and mindfulness.

Let us tailor a program to suit you .. from a lunchtime learning class, a half day targeted Creativity session (or perhaps one on Focus, Stress Management, Communication or Powering Up!) or the full MMI Mindfulness @ Work six-week program.

Email me to discuss your needs: Sarah@quietmind.com.au