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This week we explored .. The Re-Lax Mantra

A mantra is a word, sound or syllable that can be repeated silently or out loud, over and over, in time with the breath. The constant repetition of a mantra over time begins to weave into the sensation of the breath, so our mind becomes fixed on the slightly hypnotic sound and rhythm of the words. This is what stills and centers us.

If, in meditation, you find it difficult to stop the mind from jumping about, then try repeating a simple mantra to help block the multi-track communication channel, so the mind cannot feed alternative thoughts. This enables us to block distractions by concentrating on something else .. words replacing words.

Most of us are unaware (until we meditate) of the constant stream of inner dialogue that is going on in our mind stream .. the mind talks to itself endlessly, and while we may be unaware of exactly what we are saying to ourselves, it is this dialogue that is the basis on which we form our experience of the world. Our mental commentary influences and colours our feelings and our perceptions of reality.

Mantra that have meaning or significance to us, can have a resounding impact on our meditation .. through the gentle soft positive words of ‘re-lax’ we give strength to our intentions and find a deeper understanding and association with the word.


* Adopt your preferred posture, this could be sitting, lying down or kneeling. Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable before you start, perhaps starting with a short Meditative Exercise to settle and focus.

* Start by bringing your attention to your breath. Allow the breath to move to its own natural rhythm, do not try to change or control the breath in any way. Simply become aware of the inhalation and the exhalation .. and the gentle rhythm of the breath.

* When ready, begin to incorporate the mantra “RE-LAX” with your breath, repeating silently to yourself as you BREATHE IN “RE”, and as you BREATH OUT the second syllable “-LAX”. Don’t try to force your breathing into any particular pattern .. just keep breathing normally and match the recitation of the mantra to your breath.

* If you become distracted with a sound, a thought, or a sensation, just remember to be kind and gentle with yourself .. and on your next inhalation start again with “RE” .. “LAX”

* Continue to repeat this mantra for as long as you need to or feels comfortable to do so.

* When you have finished your meditation practice for today .. notice how you feel. Do you notice a deeper sense of calmness and ease? Is your breath smoother and deeper than before you started? How is your mind stream?

Other modern mantra you may like to tray include .. ”LET GO’, ‘DEEP PEACE’ or ‘BE STILL’.

“wherever you go .. go with all your heart”

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