I have a lot of books.

Well. Let me be truthful and clear here.

I have hundreds of books. Meditation books.

It is probably fair to say, these are my .. addiction.

My 30-year meditation journey has taken me to many temples, ashrams, festivals, teachers, studies and classes .. and of course, my meditation teacher training(s) .. so, naturally I have gathered and consumed many amazing books.

As we shift toward Summer here in Australia, about the only time I get to really dive into reading and pondering .. it seems appropriate that I share some of my best books with you.

Needless to say, I have a box of books unopened. Waiting for Summer. Patiently.

*so, in no particular order but rightfully starting with my meditation teacher, Sarah McLean

Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation

Sarah brings inspiring personal stories from her 20+ year career as a meditation teacher, to an 8-week meditation program and journey of self-awareness. Each week’s meditation practice builds on those of the previous weeks and is grounded in leading-edge brain research that shows meditating for 27 minutes a day over 8 weeks can make a huge difference by altering the gray matter in areas of the brain that govern learning, memory, empathy and stress.

I first met Sarah in April 2011, after corresponding online for a year, when she visited Australia and I helped organize a special Everyday Meditation Workshop at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne. A year later Sarah released her first book, Soul-Centered. If you are new to meditation, wishing to revisit the foundational lessons, or seeking to expand your meditation practice and knowledge .. this is my recommendation for your library. Purchase Link: Amazon Australia

You can read about my unfolding journey with Sarah McLean, the McLean Meditation Academy and becoming a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher you can read a recent post here.