You know all those times you said, or thought to yourself, “I’ll do that when I have time!” .. well, now is that time!

I started gathering some meditation resources on Day 14 of my self-isolation .. now it is Day 28! I am adding to the list each day ..

Meditation resources:

*free short guided Meditative Exercises for moments when you need to immediately calm and release worry (shall start appearing this week)

Mindful Moments

*Two Mindful Moment exercises (audio)

*Three Meditative Exercises (audio)

*free longer Guided Meditations that can deeply relax and support you (beginning next week)

*Breath Awareness (15:40min). My very first professionally recorded meditation from way back in 2011.

Workbooks & eGuides:

‘Grounding’ eBook ($26.99)
Most of us could do with some Grounding tools right now! For our purposes being ‘grounded’ is to be balanced, stable and energetically centred. Grounding eBook – Shop here.

‘Grounding’ is a 25+page eBook from our subscription program The Seasonal Lounge .. and I have made it available as a single download. There is a selection of meditation, mindfulness and daily rituals with the theme Grounding. For our purposes being ‘grounded’ is to be balanced, stable and energetically centred. This is a self-paced monthly guide and includes: setting a daily intention ~ adding a mudra and mantra to your daily meditation practice specifically for grounding ~ a range of great Gratitude practices (because gratitude definitely grounds us) ~ a shorter guided Grounding Meditative Exercise (audio) ~ a longer guided Grounding Meditation (audio) ~ three Mindfulness Exercises using the senses ~ daily grounding rituals for the start and end of your day.

‘Autumn Harvest Living’ eBook 
The FREE Seasonal Living Guide is a 25+ page downloadable celebration of Autumn. Curated and published four times each year: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. The download is available immediately. Subscribe HERE.

The Autumn Harvest eBook includes: *guided ‘Grounding Inward’ Meditation (audio) *Qigong Autumn practice (video) *Autumn rituals, equinox & seasonal Moon cycles *Grounded mindfulness practices *Daily life practices for the harvest season *Gratitude practices & essential oils for grounding *Insights from ancient traditions. 

Monday Meditation Musing newsletter:

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Monday Meditation Musing is our weekly meditation newsletter .. sharing a practice, technique, tip or insight for your meditative nourishment and motivation.

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*7-Day Meditative Exercises Challenge: a downloadable, self-paced 7-day program that will give you SEVEN powerful exercises that may only take a few minutes but are powerful tools for combating stress and anxiety.
*Four Easy Steps to Meditation eGuide: this is one of my most popular group course, and a great starting point for beginners, so I am polishing up the content and updating with new audio. All that you need to START.
*Wheel of Life Workbook this is a powerful coaching and life reflection tool, and a great way to identify what areas of your life could use a little nourishment. I am planning to use this ‘wheel’ to structure my days and weeks ahead .. so that I continue to move positively forward toward my deepest goals and dreams.
*Sacred Spaces & Sacred Rituals is where I can share my own daily rituals and support you in setting up your own sacred space and sacred daily rituals to support and guide you to be the very best version of yourself.
*DIY Home Retreat is an eBook that I wrote a few years ago, that I am currently updating with fresh audio and video so you can successfully plan and live your own ‘at-home wellness and meditation retreat’.

Sharing My Favourite Resources:

*Reading List for the books I plan to read over the next few months( and I will share some excerpts, lessons or reflective prompts); along with a list of previously loved books that are in my library right now.
*Podcast List oh the fun, laughter and learning to be had. My new joy is podcasts!
*Learning List if you are anything like me, you have some online courses that you have (a) wanted to do, or (b) have purchased but not completed. I will share my list and perhaps inspire you to expand your learning at this time.

Initial Post (Background):

Today, I have reached 14-days of self-isolation. After returning from travels to a very large international conference, I made the decision to withdraw from others. And my how quickly things have changed .. now the whole country, indeed most of the world, have joined this period of isolation. And so life, as we have known it, has shifted much more than I think many of us have experienced before. This is being called a ‘once in a lifetime event’ and yes that can be stressful.

A little less certain and a little more challenging.

As a meditation teacher, with a personal practice of some 30+ years, I now have a whole bounty of tools and resources that anchor me in even the foulest weather days! and I am well accustomed to periods of solitude and ‘non doing’. And when I get emotionally wobbly, wake up sick with worry at 3am, or kinda blue in the late, dark afternoon .. I know that I can step away and step within, and find immense comfort and support in my meditation practice.

But, not everyone has this life tool .. and so at this challenging time, I would like to offer what I can to support you in finding comfort and peace with the unknown and uncertainty that we now find ourselves in.

What have I learned so far?

Well, firstly, I think most of us need to ensure that we have the tools and means to keep community and family close .. an opportunity to offer a smile and see a friendly face, to share thoughts and feelings, to seek counsel and give support, to know that we really are all #InThisTogether. For example, last Friday night I caught up with three girlfriends using FaceTime, each with a glass of wine in hand, we celebrated a birthday we can no longer attend, caught up with our personal news, and laughed at our cleverness in arranging such an online gathering. This was deeply healing and like a big online HUG.

And secondly, I believe we all need a plan! A plan to shepherd us through our days and nights, holding and propelling us through the weeks ahead .. so that when life returns to a more usual pace, we are well ahead (not well behind).

It’s true that we may not know what is going to happen next, or how long this current reality is going to last .. and yes, it’s challenging, worrying, anxiety-producing, frustrating and sad, but ..

there is also a gift in every moment!

I would love to inspire you to start a personal meditation practice, and to ensure that at the end of this challenging period, however long it lasts .. you will have made excellent use of this time, and found the tools and resources to achieve some of your goals and dreams. And there is no time like NOW!

remember .. we are all #InThisTogether

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