Unsure where to start with meditation?

Overwhelmed with all the options and choices?

Seeking a deeper experience of inner peace and
some sort of harmony between your inner and outer worlds?

Perhaps you’ve experienced different meditation and mindfulness practices over the years, but .. right now .. you’re unsure how to get back ‘into‘ them and somehow integrate them into daily life? Maybe you have your ‘go-to’ practices … but sometimes they don’t resonate, or they seem out of place for where you find yourself in life. Or you feel there might be a disconnect between your inner and outer worlds?

And yet. Deep down. You know. That inside of you,
you have all that you need to find ..


Welcome to .. the Seasonal Lounge

The Seasonal Lounge is an online journey through the Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar which is drawn from the energetic elements and unique ‘flavour’ of nature’s seasons. Our monthly theme inspires and guides us through our meditation practices, mindfulness exercises and sacred rituals ..

to balance and align with the wisdom of the seasons

Wish you had a map to guide you?

The Seasonal Lounge will help you:  

*Connect more deeply with meditation as a whole of life practice:
embracing formal seated practices, informal daily mindfulness exercises, and sacred rituals.

*Expand your sense of connection to your practice:
with a monthly theme (mindful focus) and practice sheets to follow each month

*Get clarity with a carefully curated and beautifully presented eGuide:
to map your journey, along with access to Sarah for any questions

*Align with the powerful energetic ‘flavour’ of the seasons:
which not only influence your external world but also your internal world .. your mood, behaviour and attitude

*Find peace and harmony:
in the natural rhythm of the world around and within you.

How does it work?

*Each season you receive a Seasonal Living eBook (20+ pages) that directs attention to the many unique gifts of the season, with guest teachers and inspiration from different traditions.

*Each month you receive a curated eGuide (a mini magazine) which includes:

~ a short guided 10-15minute Meditative Exercise (on theme)
~ a longer guided 20-30minute Meditation (expansion of theme)
~ mindfulness exercises to cultivate the key elements of the monthly theme
~ sacred rituals for spiritual transformation
~ intention cards, mantra and chants to call in the monthly theme
~ weekly emails (four in total) with tips, insights and reminders

The Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar

The seasonal calendar gives us a framework (and focus) to tune into the constantly changing subtle, and not so subtle, changes that occur around and within us. Just as we see outside our window with natures continuous cycle of life: from the seed that blossoms in a riot of joy in Spring, to the vibrancy and exuberance needed for peak growth in Summer, so when Autumn arrives there is plenty to harvest and store in preparation for the stillness and solitude of Winter.

When we follow the energetic elements of the seasonal calendar we are consciously (mindfully) tapping into the Earth’s rhythms and cycles, and the Universal truth – that our inner world is always harmonizing with our outer world.

What are the Seasons telling us?

Winter is a time of gestation and withdrawal when nature shifts into her resting and replenishing season, taking refuge deep in the nourishing earth in preparation for spring. Winter is the time of: Refuge. Harmony. Reflection. In Winter our practices are inspired by:.

June (Refuge) = Retreat
July (Harmony) = Bodyfulness
August (Reflection) = Self-Inquiry

Spring is the season of birth, creation and development led by the return of light and warmth. Spring is a time of planting and flourishing as new seeds sprout and nature awakens all around us. Spring is the time of: Awakening. Renewal. Growth. In Spring our practices are inspired by:

September (Awakening) = The Senses
October (Renewal) = Healing
November (Growth) = Connection

Summer is nature’s season of growth and maturation. The bold fire energy and vibrant sunlight is rapidly driving nature upward and outward, and all around us the earth is reaching peak growth. Summer is a time of Balance, Action, Expression. In Summer our practices are inspired by:

December (Balance) = Yin/Yang
(Action) = Energizing
February (Expression) = Creativity

Autumn is when our days begin to shorten and cool; in nature, this is a time of gathering, harvesting and storing before winter’s rest. The seeds have been sown, and now is the time to reap. Autumn is a time of: Preparation. Transition. Releasing. In Autumn our practices are inspired by:

March (Preparation) = Grounding
April (Transition) = Heartfulness
May (Releasing) = Letting Go


*Begin NOW!
*April 2020
*Theme ‘Letting Go’
*Downloadable eGuide
Winter Season
*Winter is to Hibernate
*themes of Retreat, Harmonising & Reflection

*Start anytime in 2020
*Finish the year in 2021
*Twelve months of content

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“As above, so below, as within, so without,
as the universe, so the soul…”

Hermes Trismegistus

The Seasonal Lounge is an offering from my own personal meditation journey, inspired by my teachers from the wisdom traditions and contemporary evidence-based worlds, and my growing passion for the ancient schools of Ayurveda, TCM and Taoism .. that all speak to nature being our greatest teacher.