Once when my daughter was younger, she came home from the library with a Magic Eye book. I had not seen one of these for years .. and it took me a moment to remember how it worked and then a lot longer to explain it to my daughter (cue: intense frustration by both parties).

Magic Eye images are three-dimensional pictures that often use geometrical patterns (squares, diamonds or wavy lines)  .. the magic is that by looking at the image in a certain way you find a completely different picture/image emerging from within the pattern. It can often be quite tricky to find.

I was taught that the best way to view a Magic Eye image is to focus on the sides of the picture rather than directly .. and then it takes a particular kind of soft-focused concentration (and patience) to allow the picture reveal itself.

In meditation we also need soft focused concentration

You can’t make meditation happen!

You can’t control or stop the thinking that goes on in your mind (even with extreme willpower) .. and you can’t make stillness and calmness appear on demand.

In meditation we must simply .. Let Go .. Let Unfold .. and be gentle and easy with the journey.

When we sit with soft focused awareness our body begins to loosen and relax. Then our mind will start to slow it’s random wandering .. and in time we will notice the presence of stillness and spaciousness .. and then .. we are there.

Note: It can be difficult to see Magic Eye images on a screen, but it is possible for some .. can you see another image in the picture above?