The Spring Alive eBook 2020 edition of my Seasonal Living series goes out TONIGHT in celebration of Spring which officially begins here in the southern hemisphere on the 1st September.

The past weekend was all Spring .. she came with bright blue sunny skies, and without any conscious thought our household started opening windows and doors, pumping up the music and diving into a spring clean frenzy! And then the winds came .. gale warning level .. and the trees and outdoor furniture were thrown about, overnight there was rain. And today. All is still and the birds are singing LOUD. Spring is all yang-energy and sometimes we will get four seasons in one day (it’s a well known and loved Melbourne phenomena).

Spring Days

It was in 2018 (“the Winter of my Resistance“) that I started this seasonal journey .. and found some tools and practices that completely changed my understanding and experience of the world around me. My mindset changed when I made a commitment to: *Finding the gifts, large and small, that the Season and Mother Nature provided .. every single day = Mindful Awareness practice, and *Giving thanks for those gifts, pausing ‘in the moment’ to take a picture on my phone, and then giving thanks = Gratitude practice. And this is where the Seasonal Living eBook series began .. and my passion for Seasonal Mindfulness, a term that I came up with to express how we can bring a mindful awareness, and gratitude, to the unique gifts of each season.

This Spring issue – out 1st SEPTEMBER 2020

Each issue is available ONLY to SUBSCRIBERS .. only if you truly wish to explore the wisdom of the seasons will I come to your inbox. This Spring edition we have:

Spring Ayurveda with Suzi

Suzi von Mensenkampff is an Ayurvedic Consultant, Chopra Certified Vedic Educator, Yoga teacher, and McLean Meditation Institute Certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher. Suzi is full of Irish energy and passion, and as she says ‘born to teach, travel & transform’! Her love of travel to India and Bhutan has led her to now taking small groups on Himalayan tours and retreats twice a year.

Spring Yoga with Jennifer

Jennifer Ellinghaus is a life long traveler, yoga teacher, and author of ‘Yoga for Travellers’. Jenny was my wonderful partner in Bliss Bomb Retreats which offered seasonal urban retreats around Melbourne for a few years, and then the travel bug called and Jenny was off to see the world. Now back in London, she is back on the mat, sharing her extensive knowledge and warm-hearted approach to yoga teaching and building community.

Spring Qigong with Nicole

Nicole Lee brings her passion for Qigong, this ancient healing art, into the modern world, knowing that movement is medicine, and often all that we need to release tension and stress. Nicole offers some amazing Qigong resources, classes and workshops now online, and is internationally certified in both Modern and Classical styles of Qigong, accredited in meditation and mindfulness, and holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Complementary Medicine.

Spring eBook

Each issue also includes regular features:

* an audio Guided Meditation (with me!)
* Seasonal Mindfulness exercises
* Special date and seasonal moon cycles
* Daily life practices
* Essential oil delights
* Optimal seasonal eating guide
* and more

Each edition is only available for a few weeks. Please download for your files.