Welcome SPRING!

Here in the southern hemisphere, in Australia, we claim the start of each new season on the 1st day of the relevant month .. so, Spring begins on the 1st September (until 30 Nov). Whereas over in the northern hemisphere the season of Spring starts with the Equinox. I am not sure why we differ .. but I am so pleased to welcome the light, warmth and giddy energy of Spring this year.

Spring symbolizes: new life, new beginnings, and awakening.

I have always felt that I was a Summer ‘person’ .. bare feet, hot hot days and nights, ocean swims, holidays and parties. But, as I get older, especially in recent years, I feel much more aligned with Spring. I feel more ME in Spring.

Across the globe, from ancient times, the seasons have been celebrated in many different cultures and traditions. The journey of the Earth as it makes its way around the Sun is symbolic of the very cycle of life. Right now we are stepping out of the darkness (Winter) and into the light (Spring) .. and we can tune into this energy just by looking around us, and within us.

Seasonal living is about observing and reflecting the changes that each season naturally brings, cultivating our awareness of the ongoing, subtle (and not so subtle) changes that are occurring, so that we may move in harmony with them.

So, each season I would now like to share some of my own favorite rituals, learnings, and practices that help me celebrate and honor the wisdom of this cycle – so we might tap into the Earth’s rhythm and the Universal truth – that our inner world is always harmonizing with the outer world surrounding us.

You can download my Spring Awakening eBooklet (just 10 pages – click image below) where I share some of my favorite Spring rituals and influences:

~Wisdom of Spring
~Spring Equinox
~Spring Chanting, Dancing, Listening
~Silent Spring Mantra 
~Daily Life Practices for Spring
~Spring in other Wisdom Traditions
~Optimal Spring Eating

While meditation can be practiced anywhere, anytime, and in many ways .. we can also embrace the energy and gifts unique to each season. Try our Spring Mantra Meditation and invite the elements of receiving and releasing into your life this Spring.

Spring Awakening eBooklet