I was recently invited to share meditation with the team at Mitre10 (Metcash) in their Melbourne head office.

Part of their Stress Down Day (a Lifeline initiative)

The HR team had suggested a series of classes run across the day, so that as many of their team as possible were able to attend. We ended up with six ‘Introduction to Meditation’ sessions so that participants could select the best time to attend; and I focussed on practices that would assist with self managing and reducing stress.

“Mitre 10 (Metcash) recognises that employee wellbeing can play a huge role in staff engagement, productivity and absenteeism. We are continuing to explore different ways of nurturing our employee’s wellbeing. Introducing employees to meditation is one way of recognising the impact of work stress on all of us and how as an employer, we can contribute to our employee’s wellbeing!” Human Resources

I felt the best place to start was with some powerful, practical and immediately beneficial Meditative Exercises .. exercises that are based on key elements of longer more traditional meditation practices.

They may only take a few minutes but their impact can be significant and measurable, and they provide an excellent starting point for those new to meditation. Meditative Exercises empower us to self manage our stress, quickly and easily, so we can shift from stressed ~ to calm ~ to relaxed; and then get on with our day refreshed and focussed.

Some feedback that I received this week …

“I thought it was a terrific initiative. Very useful”

“The session was useful as there were a few different techniques that Sarah showed which I thought would be more effective and helpful in focussing better during meditation”

“Business has become highly stressful from a work load point of view, anything we can do to help our people cope with this is worthwhile, congratulations to HR on this initiative”

“Great idea and effort for the company to arrange this for their staff, especially those new to meditation. Great job!”

“I was pleasantly surprised with how effective the techniques taught were. I did find myself feeling quite calm and relaxed after the session”

Thank you everyone at Mitre10 for your enthusiasm and openness. It is constantly inspiring to share meditation with others and witness their realisation that there exists within each of us a place of deep ease and calmness .. underneath the noise and mental chatter.