We know that too much stress can have a significant negative affect on our sense of wellbeing .. and impact not only on our view of the world, but also our relationships at home, in the office and a continuing ripple effect on friends and community.

New statistics from a global study by the workspace provider Regus found that respondents felt the top reasons for their stress were:

*49% personal finances

*48% their job

*25% colleagues

*17% partner or spouse.

“Workplace stress is reportedly costing the Australian economy $730 million a year” said Jacqueline Lehmann, chief of Australian operations at Regus.

“The heavy toll of stress falls not only on workers and their families, but also on businesses as they find that their staff under perform, need more sick leave and are less efficient. Businesses that actually want to help their staff lead more rewarding lives cannot fail to analyse and tackle levels of stress within their organisation”

The Regus Working Hours whitepaper can be found here