Welcome SUMMER!

I have always enjoyed learning and reflecting on Seasonal patterns .. the changes that introduce and carry us through the cycle of birth, maturity, death and rebirth. Seeing and feeling and smelling the changes .. the frangipani scent of Summer, the vibrant orange and red leaves falling in Autumn, the grey and crisp white pallet of Winter and the burst of glory in Spring.

Seasonal living is about observing and better aligning with these changes .. cultivating a greater awareness of the subtle (and not so subtle) changes that occur around and within us. Finding our path through the seasons so we might live in harmony with the constant change.

Summer yells at us: be joyful, take action, try something new, party!

Summer in the Australian calendar runs from 1st December to the 28th February. Three months of mostly endless blue skies and warm sunny days. Summer is a season of celebration .. for the fullness of the light and the gift of renewal and growth. Currently, we are actually experiencing a severe heatwave and the threat of bushfires (and drought). Mother Nature is having a serious conversation with us! Shall we hear?

Seasonal Mindfulness is how I set my path .. and I wanted to share some of my favorite rituals, learnings and practices that celebrate and honor the wisdom of the seasons.

So we might tap into the Earth’s rhythm and Universal truth – that our inner world is always harmonizing with our outer world.

~Wisdom of Summer
~Spring Solstice
~Summer Practices to Soothe The Fire
~A Seasonal Living (Guided) Meditation
~Daily Life Practices for Summer
~The Qi of Summer by Nicole Lee, Qigong Teacher
~Two Qigong Quickies from Nicole Lee
~Summer Wisdom from Yoga
~An Ayurvedic Summer incl. How To Discover Your Dosha Type
~Optimal Summer Eating
~My Favourite Summer Salad

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