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Silence (antar mouna)

Silence Mouna

The word antar means ‘inner’ and mouna means ‘silence’ derived from the Sanskrit root mun which means to measure. This is a practice for attaining pratyahara, withdrawal of the mind from the sense objects that we practiced last weekend at our Bliss Bomb Retreat at the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram where silence starts after the evening […]

The Ashram Experience

Bliss Bomb Retreat Ashram Offering

Last weekend .. was magical! “Every once and a while take off your life, and rest” Nayyirah Waheed Along with my beautiful friend and amazing yoga teacher Jenny Ellinghaus (and author of Yoga for Travellers) last weekend we presented our first overnight Bliss Bomb Retreat at the tranquil Rocklyn Yoga Ashram near Daylesford, VIC. So… what […]