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Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Gifts 2021

Meditation is the ultimate gift for: a deeply relaxed body, a quiet mind and an open heart. Sarah, Quiet Mind Meditation Would you like to gift someone .. the gift that keeps on giving? Meditation is an ancient practice, now with a significant body of modern scientific research that supports what ancient traditions have known for millennium: that a regular […]

Gift .. the experience

Have you heard .. it is better to gift an experience than ‘stuff’? I hear this a lot around this time of year, and I must say that I probably agree.  Which is great because meditation is totally: experiential [adjective] involving or based on experience and observation Some years ago I began offering Gift Certificates which […]

Gifts to Wear

Meditation Intention Bracelet

Continuing with some of our artisan meditation gifts for family, friends and yourself. The Gift of Peace .. with meditation Today, I would like to share .. Gifts to Wear It all started with our .. Grounding Intention Bracelet ($29.95) Made with black lava beads from Bali, a stone that repels negativity with a grounding […]

Festive Mindfulness

Christmas Meditative Exercise

Meditative Exercises are brief and simple mindfulness practices that provide us with an opportunity to apply the skill of meditation into the busy-ness of every day life. The festive season can be an extremely stressful and anxious time for many people. There is a lot of to be done, the shops and streets are too busy, […]

The Gift of Peace..

Christmas Sacred Gifts

Over the last year I have really sourced some wonderful new meditation inspired gifts .. the black Balinese lava beads that I found when on holiday in Bali that are now loving made into our Grounding Meditation Intention bracelet, and just recently I received delivery of our very special handmade meditation candles from our new […]