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Planning Retreat Meditation Labyrinth

Welcome! I am so excited to welcome you here .. to my new website, my new home. [Think: fresh townhouse, white spaces and ocean inspire accent colours] Have you just found Quiet Mind Meditation? I started my first blog on 8 September 2008.  It was a simple time. I set it up on a sunny […]

Attending A Meditation Retreat

retreat ebook

*A Downloadable PDF Going on a meditation retreat is a rare and magical opportunity to pause and be still, to rest and heal, to reflect and ignite our spirit. Earlier this year (January 2016) I attended an eight-day meditation intensive retreat .. which included vast periods of meditation along with lessons on mindfulness, the yoga […]

Re-Entry Into ‘Normal’ Life

Principles Meditation

Most spiritual and wisdom traditions speak of the power of retreating .. an opportunity to step away from the complexity of daily life and shift awareness inward.  For 2,500 years, meditation retreats have been a central part of the Buddhist path of awakening. Retreat:  A period of withdrawal from the world I have just returned […]