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Class 4: Exploring Meditation

Exploring Meditation

This week was our final class in the four-week Exploring Meditation course. And we started the class by taking a moment to reflect on how we have progressed. We have now had 20+ days of meditation instruction and personal practice .. or have we? It is timely to remind ourselves that in learning meditation, we […]

Class 3: Exploring Meditation

Exploring Meditation course

Class 3 of our Exploring Meditation Program is where we have a chance to explore the luscious world of Mantra! I say luscious because the practice of silently repeating a mantra (or powerful words) can be a really beautiful practice .. Mantra practice is rhythmic and clear in its message, it massages us from the […]

Class 2: Exploring Meditation


This week was Class 2 of our current Winter (August) Exploring Meditation program.  You can go back and read about Class 1 here. We started the class with a general group discussion about our first week of practicing meditation .. did everyone find time to practice? which meditation techniques did everyone use? .. last week […]

Class 1: Exploring Meditation

White Magnolia

Last night we started our current Exploring Meditation course .. it is always fun to start something new and I love meeting each new group and sharing with them what I love about meditation. Together, we have this unique opportunity to gather each week (over four weeks this time) to explore the life skill of […]

What About The Research

Learn Teach

I am fully immersed in new studies at the moment .. excitedly undertaking teachings in a new meditation practice plus meditation teaching program, and loving every minute! But today I felt I had reached a tipping point in my accumulation of documents, and I really needed to take some time to get organised. Alongside the […]