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Attention Deficit Trait

“Modern office life and an increasingly common condition called ‘Attention Deficit Trait’ are turning steady workers into frenzied underachievers” Dr Edward Hallowell, Harvard Business Review What is the major challenge for workers today? Attention! Information overload, distraction and ‘sensory noise’ close down our ability to focus, think clearly and strategically, and effectively make decisions and […]

Business Leaders And Meditation

Corporate Meditation

It was back in 2011 that I began a series of ongoing meditation classes with the Melbourne office of Minter Ellison .. so it would seem that the Australian legal fraternity are ahead of the pack going by today’s article in The Wall Street Journal, “Lawyers Go Zen, With Few Objections”Scott Rogers, founder and director […]

The Mind Business

A recent article from the Financial Times Magazine that introduces us to some international organisations that have introduced meditation to their team. * General Mills have their ‘Mindful Leadership’ program * Google the ‘Search Inside Yourself’ program * Target have a group called ‘Meditating Merchants’. As William George, Goldeman Sachs board member says, “The main […]