Thank you for your wonderful meditation classes and emails
“I completed the e-course and have been meditating nearly everyday since.  I am finding a calmness and mindfulness that I love.  I have read many meditation books and done many guided meditations but I never really formed a meditation habit.  Your course resonated with me and I believe I have now formed a wonderful meditation habit – one which I can guide myself now! Thank you”  Catherine


It is very obvious that Sarah is an accomplished meditation practitioner
“She is very knowledgeable about the history and practices of meditation around the world, and is up to date on the latest research studies.  It was a freezing evening when we had our first class, but Sarah created such a cosy atmosphere for the members in our group that there was an instant feeling of rapport in the room. She has a very easy and calming voice to listen to when she leads the group sessions, and you find yourself easily drifting into a naturally more relaxed state of mind.  Arriving at the class in a rather stressed state, I was amazed to find my racing thoughts settling down and taking me to a far calmer place.  I realised just how important for my health it is to be able to use meditation in my daily life. Thank you Sarah!”  Jenny


The Quiet Mind Meditation eCourse has been a blessing in hectic times
“I always wanted to start meditating but never found the time or the class that suits my needs, with the eCourse I had the tools to develop my own practice from the very beginning.  As a beginner I loved the course because it guided me step by step to build a meditation practice that now I can use anytime I need it.  And having Sarah’s support to tailor the homework to my personal circumstances and answering all my questions was like having my own particular teacher to guide me in this meditation journey. Incorporating a regular meditation practice in my life has helped me improve my well-being and my productivity, now I feel better and more focused.  And, any time I start feeling overwhelmed I just close my eyes and practice on of Sarah’s homework to reconnect with my breath and feel more calm and empowered.  If you ever wanted to meditate, but you don’t know where to start and how to build a practice that suits your lifestyle, I encourage you to take this course full of easy yet powerful homework with steps you need to incorporate meditation on a daily basis”  Denise


I really enjoyed the session
“I feel that it was conducted in a way that made you feel comfortable, considering we were doing something that you don’t usually do at work! .. I thought Sarah was very good; she had a great tone of voice to guide us through the meditation well. I had a meeting straight after the session that I had felt nervous about during the week, but after the session I went into the meeting feeling really relaxed and it really helped with my confidence”  Kate


“I hummed classical music as I drove back to the office .. working with you is like a mind massage” Jane


Thank you Sarah
“Thank you Sarah for sharing your knowledge and experience during the course. It was a wonderful experience and we definitely aim to keep the meditation going. You taught us both some fantastic skills that we can confidently use in our daily lives”  Pam