Dear Insight Timer. My friend.

I have missed you.

For many years you were always sitting there beside me; just as the light rose in the morning and again in the cooling afternoon. I would always find you .. my meditation buddy .. so we could ‘sit’ together.

I loved that you watched the time for me. I especially loved your Basu bell that would ring me into and later out of that special stillness.

And, of course, I never imagined that Maddy, one of your team, would make contact and ask if I might share one of my guided meditations with the community. Way back in August 2015! I was so honoured. Would anyone listen to an Aussie voice? as it happens .. yes, of course.

But. Then. The years raced forward and I found myself drifting away to do my own practice. I had a new schedule working from home, a new teacher and new practices; and I now could meditate without any worries about the time. Somehow that became my new routine. A solo open-ended practice.

At times, I did remember your beautiful bell. Sometimes I could even imagine hearing it in my mind. Then, I would feel a little sad for the old times when we share meditation.

But now, in this period of self-isolation (I am now on Day 27) .. I have found you again!

Perhaps it was in part the need for connection, to see the many thousands of meditators (wow you have grown) across the globe, all meditating at the same time as me. And I have now had some time to check out all your new features. I am setting up an Insight Time Group, and just last week, I uploaded some new content to my Teacher Page. After all this time.

I decided to share some shorter, practical and fast-acting Meditative Exercises .. to start.

After all, they only require an investment of maybe 10minutes .. yet deliver the most wonderful return!


So I am back.

Thank you, my friend, for again sharing your beautiful basu bell.

I shall try to be a better friend this time.

I missed you.