Continuing with some of our artisan meditation gifts for family, friends and yourself.

The Gift of Peace .. with meditation

Today, I would like to share ..

Gifts for Tuning In 

Listening to a guided meditation can be deeply relaxing .. there is both an element of being mentally respectful, so our mind is a little quieter when someone is speaking to us, as well as a sense of letting go, as we hand over the ‘reins’ and are directed by someone else.

I prefer to teach you to meditate without any paraphernalia or need to have a CD or earphones with you .. so you can meditate wherever and whenever you need to.

But sometimes it is nice to just listen.

And so I wrote and produced the Find the Stillness CD with four tracks: two longer guided meditation practices and two short Meditative Exercises.

You can purchase the CD as a physical product or download individual guided meditations.  How easy is that!


CD Find The Stillness guided meditation Purchase the CD and receive it gift wrapped in the mail

Download single tracks from the Find the Stillness CD