New beginnings, new year and new decade .. and a new name for our online membership journey that feels a little more inclusive and clear.

Welcome to .. the seasonal lounge

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The Seasonal Lounge has birthed from my personal meditation journey, inspired by my teachers from the wisdom traditions and contemporary evidence-based worlds; and my growing passion for the ancient philosophies, including Ayurveda, TCM and Taoism, that hold nature as the greatest teacher.

Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar

The Seasonal Calendar is drawn from the energetic elements of each Season, with a unique theme each month to refine our focus and awareness. These themes guide us to observe and tap-into the energy and wisdom of each season, and also give us a refreshing new ‘lens’ for our meditation, mindfulness and daily life practices.

Summer is nature’s season of growth and maturation. The bold fire energy and vibrant sunlight is rapidly driving nature upward and outward, and all around us the earth is reaching peak growth. Summer is a time of Balance, Action, Expression. In Summer our practices are inspired by:

December (Balance) = Yin/Yang
(Action) = Energizing
February (Expression) = Creativity

Autumn is when our days begin to shorten and cool; in nature, this is a time of gathering, harvesting and storing before winter’s rest. The seeds have been sown, and now is the time to reap. Autumn is a time of: Preparation. Transition. Releasing. In Autumn our practices are inspired by:

March (Preparation) = Grounding
April (Transition) = Heartfulness
May (Releasing) = Letting Go

Winter is a time of gestation and withdrawal when nature shifts into her resting and replenishing season, taking refuge deep in the earth in preparation for spring. Winter is the time of: Refuge. Harmony. Reflection. In Winter our practices are inspired by:.

June (Refuge) = Retreat
July (Harmony) = Bodyfulness
August (Reflection) = Self-Inquiry

Spring is the season of birth, creation and development led by the return of light and warmth. Spring is a time of planting and flourishing as new seeds sprout and nature awakens all around us. Spring is the time of: Awakening. Renewal. Growth. In Spring our practices are inspired by:

September (Awakening) = The Senses
October (Renewal) = Healing
November (Growth) = Connection

“As above, so below, as within, so without,
as the universe, so the soul…”

Hermes Trismegistus