Want a little more peace and calmness?

Want some tools to relax and refresh body, mind and soul?

Welcome to the 31-Day Quiet Mind Meditation eCourse

Modern life is busy, noisy and chaotic. Most of us are walking around with low levels of stress which left unattended silently cause us to feel out of balance, and over the long term begin to negatively impact our mental and physical health.

When stressed our ability to make good decisions is substantially reduced .. we respond habitually to triggers, lose our flexibility and ability to listen and retain information, become disengaged and short term focused.

Alternatively, staying cool under pressure, diffusing tension and stress as it accumulates through the day, resting deeply regularly and allowing the thinking mind to ‘let go’ often .. enables us to step back from the edge, take a more helicopter view of life, tap into our natural intuitive abilities and summon forth creative solutions.

One tool that can assist us in letting go of stress and tension is ..

a regular meditation practice

Meditation is a life skill – and if you think you can’t make a meditation class then you are going to love our ..

31 day Quiet Mind eCourse starts 1st July, 1st September & 1st November

* How to find a comfortable posture and prepare a meditation space
* The ‘how’ and ‘why’
* Some of the key challenges (and antidotes)
* How to know if you are doing it right
* A range of different meditation techniques so that you can find the best practice for you
* Powerful and simple daily Meditative Exercises for immediate stress relief
* Ways to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your daily life (today and forever)

Having meditated for more than 20 years, I know that meditation is the most valuable well-being ritual you can bring into your life.