I have been sharing a guided meditation LIVE on Instagram every Wednesday since April .. and there is a lovely rhythm now to my week. I get quite excited to see who turns up each week (so much appreciation) and I look forward to meditating together.

Coming up next week – WED 26th AUGUST at 9am (aest) – I shall be sharing a meditation that invites a somatic (relating to the body) experience.

Peace Begins With Me Meditation

Mid Week Meditation

Last week I shared the dhyana hand mudra, so I thought it would be a nice progression to continue exploring the hands in meditation, this time with mindful attention to our fingers and hands, traditionally known as a kriya (meaning ‘act’ or ‘action’), along with a silent mantra.

This meditation is rooted in an ancient Kundalini practice .. and I will share a little about the traditional practice as well. This is also a delightful, grounding and VERY peace generating practice that can be done formally in meditation, but also while out in the world, travelling or in the middle of a stressful day.

Kids will love this too!

*this is a 20minute guided meditation gathering
*there will be a 5min introduction and then a 20min (approx) meditation
*we explore a range of meditation practices including mindfulness, breath awareness and mantra
*you can JOIN via Instagram but will need to have the App open to receive the notification and link each Wed 9am
*you can also join the Private Facebook Group for additional sharing, questions and chats, and an archive of all meditations http://www.facebook.com/groups/QuietMindMidWeek/

This will be a guided meditation and suitable for everyone.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preezon Unsplash