I am so excited to welcome you here .. to my new website, my new home.

[Think: fresh townhouse, white spaces and ocean inspire accent colours]

Have you just found Quiet Mind Meditation?

I started my first blog on 8 September 2008.  It was a simple time. I set it up on a sunny afternoon and have loved delving into the creative side, finding words to articulate my meditation journey, and overcoming the challenges of learning basic html.  I tended my old blog almost daily ever since. I had time to tested my likes and dislikes .. colours and fonts, images and voices .. until in recent years I realised that the world of blogging and website design had suddenly become much ‘cooler’ and more sophisticated .. and I woke up to a world of new possibilities out there.

And so .. over the last year (but honestly, mostly in the last six months) I have sat at my big dining room table, working with my sister and support team (ie. extended family) to nut out what the new home for Quiet Mind Meditation may look like. I had to learn a new language ie. WordPress and play around with big toys like plug-ins and widgets, and themes .. but I held the same goal and dream .. to share may passion for meditation because I believe that ..

Meditation is a life skill that everyone can learn!

I learnt to meditate when I was a teenager (more on that story here) and I have had a personal practice well over 20+ years.  Meditation has had a consistent, steadying, profound and enjoyable impact on almost all areas of my life.

In 2009, after taking a retrenchment from my corporate role, I launched Quiet Mind Meditation (you can read more about that adventure here).  My journey over the years has been diverse as I eagerly sought out new teachings, new experiences and new learnings .. wherever I found myself (geographically and emotionally) I found a meditation teacher or a class to attend.

In 2009 I completed my first Meditation Certificate with Melbourne Meditation Centre and over the years I have taught local group classes, private coaching, corporate programs, online with our 31 Day eCourse, produced a guided meditation CD and written various eBooks.  This year I completed a solid year of study and practice to become a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher with McLean Meditation Institute.

With this new and beautiful website I aim to:

  • engage and support you on your meditation journey
  • provide insight into the ‘art and science’ of meditation
  • develop and share tools and resources to inspire and nourish your meditation
  • support you in achieving a deeper state of relaxation and opens, to access the inane wisdom of mind-body connection
  • increase awareness of meditation as a life tool
  • provide a space for you to pause, breathe and be still
  • introduce you to the magic and mastery of meditation as an ancient, time-tested and more recently scientifically supported practice for wellbeing, self-care and self-awareness
  • become a hub, a group meditation space, where we can all continue to share and learn and support each other

There is still a lot more to do

I shall continue unpacking and moving things around in our new home .. we are by no means finished.

There are over 1000+ posts on the old site and it is going to take some time to review, update and shift across some of the juicy good content to our new home. I also have a dream list of great new projects to start .. but am mindful of pausing right here, right now, and just enjoying the pleasure of having getting this big mammoth project to where it is. So ..

Please grab a cup of tea. Get settled. Pause. Read. Meditate