COVID UPDATE: at this time, here in Melbourne (Australia) we are under Stage Four restrictions and so all my classes and events are only available online through ZOOM (online meeting space) until further notice. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL to confirm your place and details for entering our online space will then be provided. Stay safe. Stay well.


Think: Renewal. Awakening. Growth.

Spring invites us to move .. just like the seed that has lied dormant all Winter, the energy of Spring propels us out of our hibernation and into the sunlight. Spring entices us with an abundance of energy and child-like enthusiasm .. to play outside in the light, to make positive life changes, and start creating. 

*Right now, in this milestone moment we are all experiencing, where much of our usual busyness has been put on PAUSE .. may also offer us the most timely opportunity to settle into a meditation and mindfulness practice: to learn these ancient ‘mind training’ tools so we can better manage and release stress, and find a greater sense of connection and wellbeing.


SEP 7th to 28th (MON) : 7:00-8:30PM
Start developing a meditation practice that suits YOU! 
*four-week course
*exploring a well-rounded meditation practice that includes Mindfulness, Breath & Mantra
*learning the benefits of ​a regular meditation practice and how to access those benefits
*ingredients for a successful practice and some common misconceptions. 

Start here

Over four weeks we shall learn and practice each perfect stage of this well-rounded meditation practice .. finding what resonates and gently expanding our meditation experience. We begin with establishing a mindful awareness of our physical body, and then shift our kind and gentle attention to our breath, with an invitation to weave a mantra into our practice. These are considered foundational meditation techniques .. and a solid place to begin developing a meditation practice that suits YOU! There will be time for discussing some of the common concerns and challenges in meditation, clearing away some misconceptions and hear my tips on supporting and nourishing your meditation practice. Investment: $80 AUD

Meditative Exercises

SEP 9th to 30th (WED) : 7:00-8:00PM
Short but powerful Meditative Exercises to quickly release stress and tension when you need or wish to! 
*Learn five mindfulness-based Meditative Exercises that can circuit-break rising stress during the day.
*Learn two extended practices for a deeper sense of ease and calm.
*Great place to start understanding and practicing key elements found in traditional meditation.
*Life tools for releasing stress, worry and anxiety.

Spring class ME

Not sure where (or if you’re ready) to start with meditation? Need some practical and straightforward tools to self-manage stress?

Meditative Exercises are shorter practices that are grounded in traditional meditation techniques and informed by scientific research. The investment might just be a few minutes each day, but there is an almost immediate return of calm and ease. These exercises are easily integrated into daily life – before sleep, while waiting for the busy or prior to a meeting. Investment: $60 AUD

“Spring is the best life coach: it gives you all the energy you want, all the positive thoughts you wish and
all the boldness that you need”
Mehmet Murat Ildan