Now I am getting excited.

Just off a call with Sarah McLean, my teacher and Director of McLean Meditation Institute .. and .. I’M GOING TO WISOM 2.0!⁣

“Wisdom 2.0 is a conference tackling one of the biggest challenges of today’s age. Connect through technology, but do so in a way that supports a person’s well-being, work effectiveness, and is ultimately useful to the world”
Inc magazine ⁣

This year 2020 is the 10th year of Wisdom 2.0 .. that’s some feat, bringing together thought leaders from the worlds of tech, business and spirituality into the conversation about the merging of wisdom and technology.

The three-day event held in March in San Francisco (I’ve never been) is expecting more than 2,500 people from 24 countries and features:

*Main stage speakers and panels
*Breakout sessions and workshops
*Conversations hosted by participants
*Yoga and meditation rooms, and other lounge spaces, and
*parties and evening events for connecting and networking

The list of speakers are slowly being released .. tempting us every week with more things to swoon over .. but already I’m so pumped to have the opportunity to see and hear from:

Jack Cornfield – wisdom teacher⁣, who I have followed for e.v.e.r
Yung Pueblowriter , poet, ahhh inspiration!⁣
Marianne Williamson – author and political activist ⁣
Dan Segal – clinical professor of psychiatry UCLA School of medicine
Master Mingtong Gu – Qigong Master⁣
Scott Shute – Head of mindfulness and compassion at LinkedIn⁣
Frank Ostaseski .. author of one of my favourite books from 2019 “The Five Invitations’⁣

I just wanted to share .. and see if YOU are going? and any Australian’s that might like to meet up over the conference?

There will be much more to share in coming weeks before I jump on that plane, and I intend to be a little bit of a roving-reporter on the ground, so you can share in some of the juicy discussions and learnings!

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